What is Timiskaming Forest Alliance Inc.?

Timiskaming Forest Alliance Inc. (TFAI) is an alliance of forest-based companies striving to maximize economic benefits to the businesses and communities where they live and work.  TFAI believes that ensuring the Timiskaming Forest is managed sustainably both today, and for the future, will lead to the long term environmental certainty that is required to maintain economic opportunity for all forest-based businesses and Northern communities.

In October of 1994, members of Timiskaming’s forest industry departed from their historical business model that relied on a government-based forest management system and founded a private forest management company named the Timiskaming Forest Alliance Inc.  TFAI shareholders are a consortium of forest-based industry partners, ranging from small independent logging operators to large forest-products producers.  Together they have assumed all forest management planning and operational responsibilities, including forest renewal and maintenance, on Crown land for the Timiskaming Forest. The more than 10,000 square kilometres of managed forested land extends westward from the Ontario/Quebec border for 166 kilometres, and northward from Lake Timiskaming to Lake Abitibi.  In support of the forest management efforts, TFAI plants between 5 to 6 million trees annually.